Card carrying member

I got another of my favorite kinds of cards today: a library card. Rejoice, but quietly, deep inside! Although not packed to the rafters the way I normally like a library to be, I still found a few volumes to take home:
The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson (books about language = love)
Why a Painting Is Like a Pizza: A Guide to Understanding and Enjoying Modern Art by Nancy G. Heller (because it sounds true)
The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques by Jinks McGrath (which is on my Amazon wishlist and now I can determine if it should stay there)
The New Macrame by Katie DuMont (because who hasn’t needed to brush up these skills)
These were all found at the new Falcon library just south of us, but next time we’ll check out the older Mandurah library just to see what they’ve got sitting around (besides the toddler sing/play group that was meeting today — quiet please! — and the elder ladies having a discussion circle — good decibel level, thanks.)

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