eArly BirD is sleePy

So this is what 4 a.m. looks like, I had forgotten. I’m not sure what woke me this morning, whether it was the rain, the wind, the nausea or a combination of all three beating at my sleepy senses. It’s day three of the Sugar Adieu Fest ’08 and I entered walking-coma stage on the first day. By tomorrow I will be begging you to take the remaining ginger nut cookies from my steely grasp or perhaps you’ll find me flinging them from the balcony symbolically setting them free. Look out below! Enjoy the “energy to keep you going”! (It really says that, and that’s of course why I buy them, for the energy. It keeps me going.)
I still feel better having written the long post yesterday and only hesitated once before getting in bed (at 8:30 again), telling JM I should delete it. Inertia won out though and this morning it still stays. Thank you for the comments. I did get a little teary again, but my attitude has perked right up and I don’t think it’s the caffeine talking. To put a little more perspective to the story I should have added that we’ve been trying for four years and in that whole time I may have hinted to a small few, only sharing the heartbreaking bits with Elsa. Thank you, Elsa for being there for me and living with that undue extra duty. I also want to thank my Da and Nan (who e-mailed me) for reacting the way they did because I imagine their first response was more like, huh, who would have known? Unfortunately my mother is still without power in post-Ike Houston so hopefully the shock won’t send her away another two weeks after reading it.
There was so much more swimming around in my brain at 3:45 that caused me to take off the eye patch and get up. Oh, the eye, yes, it’s much better. Two layers healed and only one to go. I can almost see 20/20 with it, however I’m used to seeing better than that with my current prescription so it still feels wrong. The doctor told me to stop patching at the end of the month and only use the lubricants. See what happens, she said. Yes, well, I’m a little worried about that–I won’t yet sleep on my right side because of past ripping, but I long for the day when I muster the courage–still, all’s well that ends only slightly blurred.

2 thoughts on “eArly BirD is sleePy

  1. …for being there for me and living with that undue extra duty…
    Here’s the thing about lifelong friendships: they’re composed of lifelong friends for whom there is no “undue” duty. That’s, like, a key characteristic.

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