In a flap

I bought a pair of FitFlops today–the ones in black because they looked good with my jeans (meaning the jeans hid the little FitFlop logo emblazoned on the top of the flop.) With the salesperson’s smooth line “it’s like walking on sand” I was sold because, wheeeeee, I frickin’ love walking on sand. Yes, wet sand, dry sand, preferably not too hot sand, sinking sand, loose sand, tough sand, soft sand, aaaaaahh. Never mind that I have never ever been able to don thong-style footwear in my life. I gave up trying when I was a wee prepubescent because of the endless blistering and I was so much more the geek because of it. Remember the rainbow sided flop of the 70s? Sigh, to be so cool. In actual fact, all shoes at some point cause me pain, and between the toes, ack, mercy! Uncle! Have I learned nothing? Well, THIS time I am wearing them around the house for a few days. Then we’ll try a little further distance. Baby flops, as they say.

4 thoughts on “In a flap

  1. Oh – good luck. I got scared off them when the blisters I got from flip-flops became infected. Having a doctor tell me that amputation is even a possibility was way too close for comfort. I’ve put the “Ex-Nay” on them ever since.
    Hope your strategy works – sounds smart to me!

  2. Until last summer, I always experienced the thong as a violation of my tender, never-before-touched toe-betweens.
    Then during a desperate summer-shoe shopping trip, I resorted to a pair of leather thongs. I tried the gradual approach you describe: just wore ’em to the corner store and back the first day, then around the house, then finally on a brief walk around the neighborhood. I never got a blister, never found them uncomfortable. Now they’re so comfy that I even wear ’em around the house in winter.
    Good luck!

  3. Love flip flops! They mean summer. It is always a sad day when socks have to come back. Also, I like the new font on the, um, frontispiece? Cover? Title page? Top? So blog-illiterate…

  4. “Top” works for me because I have suddenly drawn a blank. The type is Neutra Face, Draft weight, which is one of my favorites.
    I was just wishing I could wear socks with my flops because my feet are soooo cold. I guess it’s not quite spring yet. Hours worn: 2; Blisters: 0. Slow and steady does it.

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