dress, success

wildberrydress.jpg For those anxiously tracking my horror at the rigors of online plus-sized dress shopping, you can breathe freely once more! Our long national nightmare is over: I have found a dress.
Three dresses, in fact, as a hedge against future dress deficit.
In desperation after several promising dresses were discontinued or back-ordered or otherwise unavailable, I broke down and ordered a couple of cheapo dresses from a plus-sized clearinghouse, where respectable catalogue companies send their outsized cast-offs to perish.
bluedresswvelvet.jpg I steeled myself for disappointment, fully expecting to send both back in dismay, but to my surprise, I liked them so much I promptly ordered another dress I’d been eyeballing.
All it took was hours and hours and hours and, did I mention, hours of paging through the website. (The site, for any fatshionistas who want it, but be warned: wheat from chaff, wheat from chaff.) I ruthlessly discarded any dress, no matter how promising, if it was acetate or poly, any dress with frippery or geegaws, any dress that triggered the ineffable nuh-uh instinct of the retailer I once was. It’s like panning for gold: you must devote the time, and the payoff is uncertain.
plumalinedress.jpg But I lucked out: three dresses for a total of maybe US$95*, all of much nicer fabric than the price tag would suggest, and all sporting clean lines and blessedly free of what Buff Puff calls “the scourge of fat-lady consolation glam,” which appears as a spray of cheap sequins cast across the bust, or flaccid polyester flowers glued to the bodice, or tatty beading worked into the hemline.
None of that here, just sparely handsome dresses that trust me to doll them up to my liking. Bliss.
*That total includes the 20% off code I used on my second order, but does include the shipping costs.


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