like a dream

Phrases used to describe recent dreams, verbatim:

– Oh, I was so angry! So I just threw my handful of crudités down on the table, like, FEH! Then I woke up.
– And I think The Rock was there… or maybe I was The Rock.
– and I was kicking and kicking, like [makes poor attempt at kung fu move], all around the dark hallways. I was like the new Buffy. But old. And really bad at it.

edited to add: Keep in mind that these are three different dreams, on three widely separated nights. Evidently, I have some pent-up anger. Awwww, but we all knew that, right?


4 thoughts on “like a dream

  1. Phew, glad this met with some positive response. I put off posting for a long time.
    To tell someone else your dreams smacks so richly of self-involvement; I can’t even reckon the level of self-involvement it takes to then report your own words on your blog. Yeesh.

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