Clap hands

40/365 self-portrait
Recently I was having doubts about my project of taking a self-portrait every day for a year. I decided to begin on my 39th birthday (well, the day after) and also joined a Flickr group of others doing the same. After a month though, my interest began waning. Last week I mentioned to JM that I would keep taking a self-portrait every day, but upload it to flickr as private, not add it to the group, perhaps only letting family see it. He encouraged me to continue with the project as is, saying that if I went the private route eventually I would have a day that I didn’t take a photo, make an excuse to do it tomorrow, and the project’s demise would follow shortly thereafter. He knows me so well and I am grateful to have his support to keep going, and for days which produce the above. It reminds me of a series of photos my mother took in the 80s of artists and many others, including my grandparents. (Clicking the photo will take you to my flickr account.)
I was offered a photography exhibit not long after college graduation. It was for a gallery in downtown Houston that was showing a friend’s professional work and it turned out that I had gone to high school with the person organizing the shows. I quickly dismissed the opportunity deciding that I had no real body of work (rather than actually creating something, hello!) I also thought less of my friend’s work because it was so easy for me to display there as well. Sometimes lacks vision even when she sees.

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