One more thing

I tolerate Palin
You know, the way she “tolerates” gays. Yes, I’ve included it for sale at Cafe Press.
One of her more eye-opening/rapid-blinking statements of the evening:
“Also I’m thankful that the constitution would allow a bit more authority given to the Vice President, also if that Vice President so chose to exert it in working with the Senate. And making sure that we are supportive of the President’s policies…”
Um, no, not really, not at all.

6 thoughts on “One more thing

  1. Button works for me. I listened over and over to this part of the debate, but couldn’t find Biden’s complete response which was full-on admonishment for the evils of an over-reaching VP like Cheney. This is so important and I don’t find anyone else talking about it. Of course the US went to bed not long after and hopefully I can find more now…

  2. Like the button. Isn’t she amazing/frightening? She definitely had her own agenda and didn’t let Gwen Ifill’s silly little questions get in the way of delivering her prepared message.

  3. I’ve been reading reactions to the debate today and what scares me even more are comments from those who support her based on her religious beliefs and their desire to see those beliefs entrenched in the country’s political system.

  4. I’m confused about the tolerate button; affirmatively tolerating one candidate over the other, subject to conditions.
    The conditional endorsement of tolerance for one candidate creates an ambiguity, suggesting there is no tolerance for the other candidate regardless of condition.

  5. In the VP debate Palin speaks of being “tolerant” of same sex couples, but she seems to feel quite the opposite. I am taking her usage and turning it back on her, hence the quotation marks. I suppose without having seen this part of the debate or having it pointed out to you, the message seems ambiguous.

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