New card: Bloom

Bloom by Elli SchweizerSlowly (ever so slowly) but surely, I’ll be selling my illustrations on cards and sometimes as wall art over at RedBubble. If you’ve been visiting this blog for a few years then the image may seem somewhat familiar since it’s from an old Illustration Friday challenge. The new version has been updated with more flowers and color, and ah, a fresh breeze. Love spring.

3 thoughts on “New card: Bloom

  1. Oh, lovely! The original is one of my favorites of your Illustration Friday entries!
    (You may recall sending me the big file to use as garden party invitations a few years back. More recently, I thought of asking whether we could use it as our wedding invitations, too, but I think The Fella would nix a foot-centric invitation design.)

  2. Thank you. Just say the word and I’ll add a groom should the Fella approve a footed theme. I can understand not everyone would be so enthused though.

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