Today, I can little afford the time necessary to jot down a blog entry, and even less can I afford to spend the morning grappling with technical mishaps.
Accordingly, today is the day that the blog locked me out. Some javascript thing went kerflooey, and I found myself in blog limbo: able to log in, to open a new entry or a draft, but tantilizingly unable to place the cursor in the entry body.
I could open and title as many entries as I liked, but not #^@&ing write any of them.
Now, I’m no expert, but… wouldn’t NaBloPoMo get a lot harder a lot quicker if I couldn’t, y’know, write?
Harder, but not impossible. I thought up a variety of makeshift publication methods:
– write my entries as emails to Elli (who mysteriously retained the ability to post) and get her to post them for me;
– post on my all-but-abandoned MySpace profile;
– post in the comments section;
– write a series of titles to form an entry. This was my favorite solution, with its absurd flavor and the suggestion of the rococo title pages found in old novels: Chapter X: In Which Passepart Is Only Too Glad To Get Off With The Loss Of His Shoes.
And then [anti-climax alert!] Elli fixed the problem, or I fixed the problem, or the problem automagically fixed itself, and I can post again. In the flutter, whatever I planned to write about today got jettisoned from my head. And you get this. You’re welcome!
NaBloPoMo ho!

3 thoughts on “write

  1. Possible solutions to avoid similar problems in the near future:
    1. DON’T use Internet Explorer
    2. If that doesn’t fix the problem, throw a way your MS PC and buy a Mac.
    Most likely (1) will fix the problem. (2) is just to annoy any remaining MS PC fans :-).
    Also, if you turn anything off in your options of your browser it’ll most likely cause problems, e.g. cookies, javascript execution. Yes, it is recommended to turn the odd thing off for security reasons but it’ll make it hard to browse the web 2.0 world and most likely sour your internet experience.

  2. Please excuse JM for thinking you would work on anything other than a Mac. I converted him years ago and now he can’t quit preaching to the choir…

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