This morning I was making sure all my medical forms were filled in for my MRI tomorrow. It’ll be my third so it’s old hat* by now, except I just decided to read the fancy four-color brochure they gave me when I booked my appointment. Under the section on preparation it says:

Please do not wear makeup or jewellery.

Ha! I now feel justified in having removed my metallic nail polish yesterday and JM laughing at my paranoia the idea that my nails might be rent from their beds. I’ve watched House, anything can happen.
*Okay, it’s not old hat, I’m so totally fascinated by the machines and images, it’s still new hat.

2 thoughts on “Bare

  1. Me, too! I had [an MRI? a CAT scan? something] a couple of years ago, to check for internal trauma after an accident. As the technician patiently explained everything that would happen, I remember thinking “If I weren’t scared stiff, this would be fascinating.”

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