Dream dashed

So, I called the real estate agent on Tuesday about the apartment we applied for and she had just confirmed my references which was good, however she said the owner was hoping for a 12 month lease agreement and were we amenable to that? I told her no, we really only want to start out with 6 months in a new town in order to get to know it better, but we were really excited and would of course be inclined to stay longer, should Bunbury turn out to be somewhere that suited us. I didn’t hear back Wednesday, so I am anticipating that since we were the first to view and the first to put in an application, that she is waiting for someone else. In the meantime I’ve extended our current lease in Mandurah and cancelled all the cancellations of phone and electricity.
It’s odd because I really thought this was the place, excited again about somewhere I could feel home.
A little later
Just talked to the agent and the owner is waiting to see if someone else puts in an offer for 12 months. Of course there will be, rentals are scarce and the price is right. It’ll go quick. Perhaps we wouldn’t have been happy there and the woman is doing us a favor, who can know. I feel really, really sad…

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