three good things

Three high points in my weekend:

I finished my Renaissance lit paper 90 minutes before my (self-imposed) deadline of 10 p.m. Saturday night! (I have a second unrelated paper due this week in an unrelated class, so I needed to leave myself time for both.)

During a family lunch Sunday, The Fella’s three-year-old niece P. started getting restless, so she and I went on walkabout. We romped in the puddles on the restaurant’s empty deck, we sang the Veruca Salt song, and we sat on the bench thoughtfully placed before the theatrically large woodburning pizza oven, at which point P. snuggled into my side and murmured “I just want it to be Auntie Elsa and P. all the time forever, okay?”

Upon returning home and before turning back to my studies, I climbed up on the kitchen counter with a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, and all the foul language I could muster, and rethreaded the counter-weights in the kitchen window, which has been jammed open for a couple of days now. A couple of rainy days.

So. Yeah. I’m feeling pretty awesome.

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