Ikea runs out of furniture

I made a list for when we go to Ikea next week and called to get sizes of the packages to see what would fit in the car and what we would have to ship later. Almost everything I want is out of stock except a single table leg. I will buy this table leg in order to beat someone, anyone at Ikea, about the head for running out of everything. Then I will burn the table leg in the store as an offering to the furniture gods so that they smile upon me and I find really cool, inexpensive stuff at yard sales when we move. I will then buy some Daim candy because I don’t want to seem rude and leave empty handed.
Last night I made chicken fajitas using a cilantro and lime marinade. The comments and reviews seemed good enough, but I don’t trust a lot of you based on a chicken dish I shared with a college roommate. She dumped a whole bottle of Wishbone Italian dressing over some chicken breasts and threw them in the oven to bake.* I choked down that immensely hideous meal because I was on a budget and chicken was a luxury (or in this case a curse). So now I am wary of what the peoples of the internet think is good eating, because you could be Sara. Lo, I did listen to a few who said they added garlic and some extra chile which is what I did as well. I figured the Texas factor comes into play here and I needed to spice them up a bit more than your average partaker. That said, the little extra heat didn’t upset my guests who kindly ate the whole thing. I will definitely use this marinade again. If only we could take the grill with us when we move…
* Elsa can attest to my poor palate back then when she stayed with me a while. I was addicted to frozen chicken patties, but I think it was because my grandmother bought them for me whenever I went to see her and in a way it was comforting, even if odd, and so easy to heat. And I was young and ignorant. Well, I’m still clueless when it comes to food, but I’m trying. Elsa is my inspiration!

3 thoughts on “Ikea runs out of furniture

  1. Funny, when I think of the meals of those days (and man oh man, talk about being young and ignorant — I never even thought what trouble I was putting you to, though I knew I was lucky to have you), it’s with nostalgia and fondness.
    I remember we had a pretty fixed dietary regimen, though it’s all hazy except the frozen pizza rolls (egg rolls?) and the Blue Bell ice cream. A few months ago, I ate pizza rolls in your honor.

  2. Oh wow, I haven’t had those in ages. I may go out and get some in my honor too! I’m glad we’ve learned a thing or two about food since then.

  3. AND you were no trouble whatsoever. I wanted you to stay, but I can understand why you wanted to hightail it out of there. Thems wuz some funny, strange days…

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