Buy, dye and espy

Click, click, click as fast as you can and check out these handmade purses. I met their designer Liz back at uni and was fortunate to find her (and her lovely work) through that wonder of the net, facebook. She is addictively fun and her bags are as well. I’m not telling you which one I want in hopes that it’ll still be there when I go place my order after the move.
In other news, I’m washing the gray and the red right out of my hair. I’ve been dying it the past two years and I always to defer to JM who likes red. Enough, I’m going back to my natural color and preference: dark brown. That’s what it’s growing in as (plus some, okay lots, of gray) so that’s what it’ll be. I’ll try to post a color photo tomorrow for my 365 self-portrait project over at flickr.
I got another wild hare (hair?) today and decided to see a movie in an honest to goodness theater. It’s been over a year since I went to see a film at the cinema and more than 10 years (before I got married) since I’ve seen one on my very own. The last movie I treated myself to was “Contact” so I decided it was high time to do it again. I saw “Burn After Reading” since JM would be more likely to forgive me than if I had seen the new James Bond flick. After spending $24 dollars on entry and a combo popcorn/drink I remembered why I don’t do this more often. Still, I laughed more than the six other people in the cinema and thoroughly enjoyed my little indulgence. Now go indulge yourself as well…

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