Time warp

Holy cow. I just found an entry I composed almost exactly three years ago. This takes us back to Switzerland before the fateful vacation to Oz:
Had my first piano lesson today and I can already play the first few lines of a Bach minuet.
Conversation with myself:
Splendiferous. It sounds like a made-up word.
Well, all words are really made-up words.
Okay then.
My pulse is faster than your pulse. My inner tempo is so quick that when playing the above piano piece I have to really take my time and remind myself to slow the heck down.
I went to a cardiologist today to check up on the rapid heartbeat I’ve had for several years; sinus tachycardia, it’s called. My heart was pounding away throughout the visit. I would like to blame this particular episode of rapid heartbeat on the fact that I had to sit on an exercise bike, electrodes attached to my chest and back. Oh, and I was topless. Egads, to put it mildly. I may almost* be Swiss**, but I don’t like showing the merchandise to strangers. Thinking further, I don’t really want to share them with anyone outside this apartment. Case and blouse closed.
After an ultrasound of the organ, the doctor proclaimed that I have a healthy heart which merely beats a little faster. No worries, go out and run that marathon. The problem, if I really must find one, is that I should exercise at a rate of 145 to 155 beats per minute which basically looks like I’m expending no energy whatsoever. Saunter like the wind!
* I’m in a waiting period after receiving a positive response to my request for citizenship made two years ago. Two more months!
** There are lots of women here in Europe who don’t mind the exposure.
As you may know, I did become Swiss and I still don’t like to show off the goods. Mostly.

2 thoughts on “Time warp

  1. I spotted your blog at random on the google blogsearch under piano lessons– which I’m currently exploring.
    I would be careful about marathon running if I were you. I’m reading a book by a guy named Kenneth Pelletier written back in 1980. He goes into some depth on the history of competitive sports– and it turns out it’s not correlated with good results as people think. I’ll find the details if you want.
    Looks to me like you’re really into blogging with lots of key words in an alphabetical list. That’s not common– but it’s very useful. I play the piano and lately I’ve been working up the chord progression angle on things– which is very interesting to me. Are you familiar with roman numeral chords?

  2. No, not familiar. I wrote this three years ago before we sold the piano and moved to Australia. My husband plays classical piano (or still knows how to), but I gave up after those first few lines.
    As for the tag cloud, well, yeah, that may be getting a little long…

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