Something to be thankful for, from the New York Times: A surprise bounty from a food stamp lawsuit:

Monica Ryan learned of her good fortune when she went to her corner bodega in northern Manhattan to buy bread and milk. She was picking up just the necessities because she was conscious of having less than $5 in her account. But when the clerk swiped her card, it appeared that she had hundreds left.

There’s no denying that this is, at bottom, a story of injustice and poverty, of the long, slow grinding wheels of bureaucracy for once delivering people their due, after a horrifically long wait. That’s heartrending.
But it’s joyous to hear that so many people are getting an unexpected chance to celebrate, and beautiful how many of them choose to celebrate by taking care of others: holding a holiday celebration with extended family who could not afford it otherwise, making a special meal for yourself and your son just because you can, and (oh, Mr. Abdelkader Louali, you might be my favorite) buying a few sacks of groceries for a neighbor because your larder is full.

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