Who let the blog out?

Now that Thanksgiving it over, it’s time to bitch. First off, let me complain about the state of my eye, in that it tore afresh last night while all you in Ah-mer-ca were enjoying your birds. What a pain in the, well, eye. Next week I have an appointment with the ophthalmologist (hell, did I finally spell that right after 39 years?) and I’m sure she’ll say this is as good as it gets, this blurred mess. Then I’ll have chocolate to comfort myself and cry bitter sweet, dark tears.
What else sucks? I’ll get back to you…
Side note
Elli: Read my blog, it’s funny.
JM: (reads entry) It’s not really funny.
Elli: I’m bitching the day after Thanksgiving. It’s dark humor.
JM: I don’t really get that.

3 thoughts on “Who let the blog out?

  1. So sorry this keeps happening. Maybe you need to keep it covered all the time, not just at night? It’s just a thought. Sending you much love and tight hugs.

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