new year

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m happily spending most of it alone. The Fella will be working ’til almost midnight, and though I’m grateful to the friends who invited me to their bar crawls and cocktail parties, I’m weary and in need of some hometime and quiet tonight. In fact, I realize now that I’ve accidentally devised an evening of stereotypically feminized comfort:

First, I’ll make a simple dinner, probably waffles (made with our Christmas waffle iron — thanks, Mom!) and macerated strawberries. Breakfast for dinner! Yay!

Then I’m lighting candles and getting into a hot bath with my fancy new lavender-olive oil soap (thanks, The Fella!), a split of prosecco and a bonbon or two, and a dog-eared paperback of Pride & Prejudice, and soaking as long as I like without interruptions. I even picked up the DVD of P&P, so I can lounge around in my soft new robe (thanks, Mom!) and watch rather than read, if I so desire.

I also have a DVD of Louis Jourdan’s turn as Count Dracula, in case I’m not in the mood for biting social wit but just for, y’know, biting.

2 thoughts on “new year

  1. Ooh, that sounds good too. I sat around sipping sparkling wine in the garden while the tiki torches kept the mosquitoes at bay. I managed to stay awake past midnight for the first time in years and years.

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