One week down


No, I didn’t make any resolutions, I’m done with that fruitless endeavor, however, I have been eating a gluten-free diet for the past week. It’s more an experiment than anything–I want to see if it makes a difference in my energy levels and in a way it has. I go for a brisk walk every other day and by the third day of the experiment I didn’t know if my legs would carry me home. I had to lay down at least twice that day just to make it through (but it was also extremely hot and I don’t own an A/C.) The past few days when walking though I’ve felt like sprinting and this evening I even broke into a fast trot for a minute. My energy may be perking up a wee bit.

The gluten-free experiment doesn’t mean finding a replacement for grains. I’m following the 5 veg and 2 fruit guideline (although I only manage 1 fruit at the moment) and eating just a small amount of rice or potatoes if I need a side. I suppose soon I’ll try a few rice pastas, but I like the idea of minimally processed foods, corn chips always being the exception. Right now I’m making my way through a packaged gluten-free cookie and I can really do without it. In fact, from now on I’ll indulge in a small block of dark chocolate instead. I saw a cook book today for $55 and decided it was totally unnecessary, this has been pretty simple so far. I keep putting off making that polenta Elsa told me about, but it’s on the list.

Ah, we did have dinner at friends’ this weekend and they decided on pizza. I bought some gluten-free wraps and made my own mini-pizza. It was perfect because I’m a thin crust kinda gal anyway. I used just a small amount of spiced tomato paste and a thin layer of cheese so as not to make it too soggy. Mine was probably the best.
The down side: JM just started brewing his own beer at home and I can’t have any! Maybe in three weeks when it’s ready I’ll treat myself to one and see how it affects me. Also, we’re having a house warming this weekend and I’m torn making things I can’t eat. Most of it I can and those few things I’d like to try, but won’t, will be okay as well. I’m specifically thinking about these corny dogs from Homesick Texan.

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