raise a glass

This evening, The Fella and I ran an increasingly irritating series of wedding-related shopping expeditions, which you’ll be happy to hear I am not detailing here. I mention the errand only because the last desperate stop yielded an unexpected bargain.
spiegelaustemless.jpg At a local clearance house, a favorite of bluehairs and tourists alike, we found a pallet of the fancy burgundy glasses I’ve been coveting, marked down to about 20% of their usual price.
Seeing me coo over them, The Fella asked “Do you want them for the wedding?”
“No! I want them for me!“* I scooped up half a dozen for me and half a dozen for Mom. I celebrated the bargain by opening a modestly priced bottle of wine as soon as we got home and pouring out a glass to enjoy with my pizza. In this glass, the cheap merlot was a pleasure and a treat.
I’ve spoken before about the virtue of a good wine glass. It’s like alchemy, turning lead into gold. By improving its nose and giving it the right volume to breathe, a good glass makes a half-decent wine into a good wine. In a fine glass, a good wine positively sings.
*My actual wording may have been even less genteel, thus cementing our motto for 2009: “Fffft! Screw the wedding!”

4 thoughts on “raise a glass

  1. Christmas Tree Shop? That place has some amazing finds. We’re currently enjoying, or even obsessing over, one of the coolest kids’ books ever, which Mom sent over. Price tag: Christmas Tree Shop, for about a quarter of the list price.
    I agree with you on the importance of a decent glass. There is something more to it, however: the likelihood of breaking a glass is directly proportional to its niceness, and those odds rise if it’s difficult to replace them as they break one after the other. Go back and grab another half dozen to warehouse against such eventualities.

  2. Great choice in glass. Our friends have a set of similar stem-less ones and it’s so easy to swirl, get the air in and then enjoy. Also less prone to accidental knock-over. Happy degustation!

  3. I found some cobalt blue ones at R***’s, or, as known by true bargain hunters, The House of R***, for 99 cents! They are not as light, delicate, or conspiring to slide out of one’s hands and hurl themselves onto the floor as are the nicer, expensive ones. So what the hell, use them every day.

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