Sandwich Party III: Escape from the Sandwich of the Apes

sandwichsign.jpgphoto courtesy of Jagosaurus. Visit her Etsy shop for more!
It’s time for yet another Sandwich Party! No hurry, no worries —- you’ve got plenty of time to get ready. Jagosaurus and I have scheduled Sandwich Party III: Escape from the Sandwich of the Apes to fall on the first weekend of April; that’s Friday the 3rd through Sunday the 5th.
If you’ve played along, you remember how this works. For anyone joining us for the first time, here’s the deal: anytime on between Friday, April 3rd, and Sunday, April 5th, you post a sandwich online.
Q: “Post a sandwich”? What the heck?
A: Eat a sandwich and tell us about it.
No, really! It’s that easy!
The Sandwich Party originated as a joke idea, but Jag and I quickly realized that it’s a culinary challenge to which almost everyone can rise: eat a sandwich and tell us about it.
Many of our past Sandwich Party participants have posted recipes and photos of the often-innovative, always staggeringly delicious-looking sandwiches made by their own hands, but you can certainly show us the sandwich you picked up at the corner deli, or the one your mom packed in your lunchbag, or the one that plunked out the slot of the sandwich vending machine. (I’ve never had a vending-machine sandwich. Are they… um… are they edible?)
Step 1: Eat a sandwich. You might try to recreate your mother’s killer meatloaf sandwich, writing out the recipe for the meatloaf and taking photos of the construction process. Or go out for a bahn mi and tell us all about the restaurant. Is a burger a sandwich? What about a s’more? Nutter Butters? Yup — all are sandwiches.
Step 2: Tell us about it. Post your sandwich story (or recipe or photo or description or poem or sketch) online somewhere. It can be on your blog, on Flickr, or almost anywhere else you can post online. Then leave a comment here at macbebekin or at Hillbilly, Please, being sure to include a link to your sandwich posting.
Jag and I will round up all the postings and post updates all weekend long.
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4 thoughts on “Sandwich Party III: Escape from the Sandwich of the Apes

  1. Count me in (although I’m off on holiday for two weeks starting April 4th…). I’m going to have to get my thinking cap on though, as I’ve already used up my grand total of two sandwich recipes.

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