A list of my alternate titles for Sandwich Party III: Escape from the Sandwich of the Apes includes:
– Sandwichai III: Duel at Hamrye-u Island
– Return of the Breadi
– Day of the Bread
– Children of the Sandwich III: Urban Harvest
– The Bread Ultimatum
– Rye Hard with a Vengeance
– Sympathy for Lady Sandwich
– Sandwich Party III: Apur Sandwichsar
– S-Men III: The Last Standwich
– Fluffernutter 3: Rise of the Machines
Expect the list to grow.
*This would require me to borrow a sandwich press.

4 thoughts on “alternate

  1. It was Rye Hard that got to me….hahaha
    Saw some grillpans at Goodwill recently that made me all a-hankering…
    A. told me about a panini she had recently (panino?) that was just classic:bread, pesto, tomato, mozzarella, roasted pepper, and she was all drooly over it and I was all, dude, we could totally…and she was all like, I know, it’s basically a grilled cheese….so, off to Goodwill!
    Sandwiches rock! Mom brought us corned beef & pastrami from our favorite suburban sandwich place out by the fabric store. I say it’s high time for another Ah-xcellent BLT at The Front Room. You ready?

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