wedding lessons

A few of the things I’ve learned in the wedding-planning process:
– The Fella’s handwriting looks beautiful on an envelope. Mine, not so much.
– When a friend asks if/where we’re registered, they’re asking for a reason and would like a more gracious response than “SHEESH! Registries, amirite?”
– While dress-shopping*, I must not utter the words wedding, married, or veil, which render the salesperson unable to refrain from showing me long white spangly dresses no matter how often I specify blue, knee-length, and casual.
*No, the dress didn’t work out. The hunt is on again!
– I will have roughly eleventy-jillion more opportunities between now and July to chirp the phrase “We’re not diamond people” in response to a searching look at my bare left hand. (Then I beam and show off my lovely blue quartz engagement pendant. It knocks me out that The Fella found something so perfect!)
– Cake-tastings sure are fun and easy when a) you already know what you want; b) your genius baker sister is making the cake as a gift; c), your genius baker sister comes over for lunch and makes great cake sketches as a preliminary to the tasting.
– Test-freezing the homemade appetizers is not just a good idea, but an absolute necessity, even if you’ve made them a dozen times before.
– I cannot stop pining after a bouncy castle, though the venue cannot accomodate it. We might have to honeymoon at a state fair.
– People get completely bugnuts crazy about weddings, and I don’t just mean the happy couple. Gosh. People certainly… have ideas… about what constitutes a wedding. (Like, say, a bouncy castle!)
– Bugnuts notwithstanding, we have had surprisingly few occasions so far to invite people to cram it with walnuts. I just remind myself that whatever the hell nutball thing they’re saying, they’re saying only because they love us and they want us to have a lovely wedding. And, of course, because they’re completely bugnuts crazy.

9 thoughts on “wedding lessons

  1. When The Fella’s niece asked if she could be ring-bearer, he and I suddenly turned to each other and asked, “Oh… are we having rings?”

  2. Talk about the ultimate kids’ mousehole!! For punchdrunk mouses. I was just about to offer our backyard for the bouncy castle. Maybe for the rehearsal dinner!! Although I suppose D’s family gets to throw a PROPER rehearsal dinner, whatever they think that might be.

  3. [Readers: “mousehole” is a family phrase describing a cozy hideaway for kids. Excellent usage, Gaoo!]
    To paraphrase myself above, “SHEESH, rehearsal dinners, amirite?” If The Fella’s family decide to plan something, we’ll be only too delighted, despite the likely lack of bouncy castles. If not, D & I will probably just pick up pizza and beer/lemonade for 40. (Jeez, big families!)

  4. Is “Amirite” SUPPOSED to sound like a Rodney Dangerfield oneliner is to follow? “Cause it does. Barumpbump.
    “Likely lack of bouncy castles” heeheehee. Um, yeah. Likely.
    You can rent a bouncy castle like B&T rented portapotties. Hey, you can’t scrimp on the essentials.

  5. His side is handling the rings. My side, if willing, may dole out the disguises and noisemakers, just as Emily Post prescribes.
    You’ll see.

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