tappa tappa tappa

Oh hell yes! Red glitter Schoolgirl mary janes from Pleaser, USA

I want.

To be more specific, I want to wear them as wedding shoes. I want I want I want, even though:
a) they clash horrifically with everything else I’ll be wearing;
b) they’re a tiiiiiiiiny bit too ridiculous even for our ridiculous wedding;
c) periodically throughout the reception, I’d randomly snap, “I would’ve killed for ‘tappa tappa tappa’!”

edited to add
As a nod to those friends and readers urging us arrange the details of our wedding to please ourselves: thank you, and thank you, and thank you, but have no fears on that front. Though I’m giving up my bouncy castle and my spangly shoes, and The Fella and I gave up our zombie cake, we gave them up for us.

For one reason or another, we decided that these elements don’t fit with our plans. But we have no question that the wedding day will reflect us, our taste, our humor, our silliness.

And! Our happiness and gratitude that our friends and loved ones embrace the silliness in us. Thank you.
As a bonus for those who are heartily sick of my wedding frippery, note that the final link uses “tappa tappa tappa” as a jumping-off point for a discussion of simplistic educational models. For those readers not thoroughly sick of my wedding frippery… oh, you will be.

9 thoughts on “tappa tappa tappa

  1. I know! I big smoochy-face love those shoes, too, though they look like they’d chafe and blister like crazy. Instead, I’m going to splurge on a pair of shoes I really love and can wear all the time before and after the wedding.
    Besides, right now I’m planning to wear [confidential to The Fella: SPOILER ALERT!] deep blue with a few touches of white. It’s pretty and simple and makes me swirl in happiness, but if I added these red-spangled devils, it would become a red-white-&-blue Yankee Doodle fever dream.

  2. T.R., I’m letting your comment stay up unless you instruct me otherwise. I couldn’t possibly let you give me those shoes; instead, please give me the chance to share your sweet and generous nature with everyone else.
    The abstract idea of these silly shoes is twice as delightful now that it’s bundled up with the very concrete reality of your kindness. It really is the thought that counts! I can’t thank you enough for such a loving thought!
    (If do you want the comment taken down, just let me know and I’ll do it immediately.)

  3. Do they come in blue? Most brides end up giggling, drunk, and barefoot anyway. And those are the ones WITHOUT bouncy castles and favors from OrientalTrading.com.

  4. Gaoo, no, they only come in devil-from-hell red. I’d go for silver over blue, even… and I already have some suede flip-flops, in case I need an intermediate stop on the way from soberly shod to barefoot and giggling.

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