some sandwich thoughts

A reminder: the next Sandwich Party is on the horizon! If you haven’t marked your calendars and consulted your local breadmaker, pencil it in now — Sandwich Party III lifts off Friday, April 3rd, and keeps going through the weekend!

Bert Vaux’s Dialect Survey asks “What do you call the long sandwich that contains cold cuts, lettuce, and so on?” [Note the polling error: it’s “an Italian,” not “an Italian sandwich.”]

Take a look at Scanwiches, where you can see sandwiches scanned in cross-section. Mmmm, mustard smears. I first saw scanwiches on Metafilter, but it didn’t tickle my blog-bone until Simon emailed the link to Jagosaurus and me, nudging us toward another Sandwich Party.

The hive mind at Ask Metafilter tackles some sandwich questions:

How To Stuff a Wild Panini!
– What cheese combination makes for the best grilled cheese?

The challenge: 125 sandwiches suitable for quartering, most of which can be made the day before.
– Ideas for delicious vegetarian sandwiches? I’m going on a picnic with a vegetarian friend, and I want to make some sandwiches that are more exciting than just cheese or PB&J.

Is Pizza a Sandwich? [NO! Pizza is a bread. If you put some foodstuff between two pieces of pizza, that would be a sandwich. Also: that would be awesome.]

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