confidential to Elli: I bought shoes

dankso tori.jpgI bought shoes.
Ah, what a sentence! Doesn’t it just sing?
No, wait, I can make it better: I bought super-stylish, crazy-handsome shoes that I love.
No, hang on: I bought super-stylish, crazy-handsome shoes that I love and need, for a quarter of the retail price.
I haven’t worn a proper heel since my back was injured two years ago, and lately I’ve been wondering if I ever could again. When I found this smart pair of Dankso Tori 3-inch heels on the shelf at a local surplus-and-salvage shop, beaming out proudly amidst the plastic uppers and leopard-print pleather, it seemed like a perfect chance to find out.
Wish me luck! I’m sure Tori and I will be very happy together.

3 thoughts on “confidential to Elli: I bought shoes

  1. You know, I forgot (until I was teetering in one shoe, holding the other in my hand and peering for no real reason at the interior label in the dim light of my bedroom) that Dansko moved their production from Portugal to China. I knew there was a reason I’d stopped shopping for Danskos.

  2. Oh, oh, oh, they are so pretty though. So very, very pretty. My Danskos are longing to be see their long lost cousins…

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