Sandwich Party III: Escape from the Sandwich of the Apes

grilledfluffernutter.JPG A grilled Fluffernutter for breakfast. Oh, sweet mercy.

It’s time for Sandwich Party III: Escape from the Sandwich of the Apes! All weekend long, Jagosaurus and I will be posting updates as Sandwich Party participants post photos, stories, or recipes on their own blogs, on Flickr, or elsewhere online. If you have a sandwich to add to the Sandwich Party, leave a link to it in the comments here or at Jag’s! The more, the merrier!

Above, you’ll see my breakfast. It’s a New England childhood staple, the Fluffernutter: peanut butter and marshmallow Fluff smeared on bread and clapped together into one sticky pile. In my case, that’s our household’s usual all-natural crunchy-hippie peanut butter besmirched with a pile of purchased-for-the-occasion Fluff (oh yes, my pretties, it’s a real product, one that people oh-my-god buy) on whole wheat-oatmeal bread.

As I slapped the two pieces of bread together, I flinched in fear, but amazingly enough, mixing pure junk-food substance Fluff with wholesome PB and wheat bread did not rip a hole in the space-time continuum. Heartened by this success, I decided to go One Step Beyond: I popped the whole thing into our recently acquired sandwich press and grilled it.

Report: meh. There’s a reason this sandwich is a childhood delight, usually not enjoyed past puberty. Its flavor is bland and sweet, with no edge or spark. Happily the heat did not, as expected, transform the Fluff into a solid wedge of lava-hot, larynx-endangering glue-food. I ate the whole thing, yet retained my throat lining!

Next up is Simon, with his Belgian baguette bonanza:

Filling number one: “Américain” is a variation on steak tartare (raw meat, raw eggs, worcester sauce, etc. […] For the other half of my baguette I went with an old favourite: brie. A version I’ve had in Brussels sandwich shops has it drizzled with Belgian sirop de Liège, but I didn’t have any of that at home, so I improvised by adding slices of apple and in fact the sharpness and acidity of the apple contrasted well with the creaminess of the brie. A sprinkling of walnut on top added crunch. A very successful sandwich, I feel.

Jagosaurus made a multiple-meat sandwich on rye:

Rye bread
Swiss cheese
Hot as hell “Sweet” onion

Andrea made a peanut-butter-pancake sandwich:

– 2 leftover homemade buttermilk pancakes, cold from the fridge (I cannot vouch for the tastiness of this sandwich if you choose to use Bisquick or some such nonsense).
– Creamy peanut butter

Macbebekin’s Elli made a high-class ice cream sandwich:

My entry for Sandwich Party III. Okay, I confess, I didn’t eat the whole thing. I tossed the biscotti after taking the picture because they had wheat and I’m gluten-free (correct, I produce no gluten, nor do I consume it). However, I did make the ice cream by hand in the freezer overnight (just cream, milk, sugar and vanilla) so even though I cheated, I feel my efforts make up for it, or at least make for a pretty picture.

In the comments of this very entry, T.R. defies all sandwich-making convention and makes the ridiculously delicious-sounding Pizza Sandwich For Adventure:

My sandwich is great but pretty boring, so for adventure, I put two pieces of left over pizza together and it was heaven. All that garlic, cheese, spinach and artichoke hearts–divine (-:

Gourdshaped gives us a two-fer! He made a tuna melt 1-2-3-DAMMIT for his husband:

Some days, when it’s successful, it’s a tuna melt – tuna, diced onion and mayo, with sliced tomato and shredded cheese (because the crunchy, burny bits are the best part), all buttered up on sourdough bread and fried in a pan. Today, though, I’ve dubbed it the “1-2-3-DAMMIT”, which I said aloud today whilst trying to flip it in the pan.

and a tomato bruschetta tartine sammich for himself:

Just a simple section of toasted baguette (oh la la! and marked to sell at the grocer’s shoppe) topped with olive oil, minced garlic, tomato, onion, and those little dots are basil, salt and pepper, and not wood ticks.

My brother and his Polish Bride photographed (despite potential family strife) Polish Breakfast Sandwich:

Me: I am going to have to take a picture of this sandwich.
Polish bride: That is going to cause a huge problem.
Me: But it’s THE SANDWICH PARTY this weekend!
PB: You don’t understand what a huge problem this is going to cause.

I closed out the weekend with the anti-sandwich, a deconstructed Mediterranean sandwich platter, in Sandwich Party III, part 2: Rise of the Machines.

Don’t forget your Sandwich Party badge, courtesy of Macbebekin’s own Elli!
(Look here for more on previous Sandwich Parties.)

8 thoughts on “Sandwich Party III: Escape from the Sandwich of the Apes

  1. I cheated. We went to eat last night at my favorite place–Fuzzy’s Pizza. My sandwich is great but pretty boring, so for adventure, I put two pieces of left over pizza together and it was heaven. All that garlic, cheese, spinach and artichoke hearts–divine (-:

  2. OK, I have had a sandwich that rivals the BBLTITW, the Best BLT in the World. Yes, from the Front Room again: I can see where you’d have to be in the mood, but I was, and so: They call it a Fried Egg Sandwich.HA! A gorgeously cooked fried egg, with excellent bacon, blue cheese, and aioli on buttered, grilled sourdough(?). With a side of greens to cut the richness. Oh.My.God.
    Did anyone else notice, the abbreviation SPIII looks a lot like what I do on my shirt every time I eat.
    Still wondering what the HUGE PROBLEM was. But I guess I am at the wrong blog.

  3. I assumed that the HUGE PROBLEM was in-law related: that the in-laws would figure out that he was, perhaps, CRAZY for for photographing meat sandwiches.
    I also figured that, if the in-laws hadn’t figured that out yet, a meat sandwich photo session wasn’t going to tip the scales.

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