Researching our local marriage license application process, I learned that once issued, the license is good for 90 days. Sensibly enough, I counted back from our wedding date (because apparently I cannot perform the months-to-days conversion in my head?) to see how soon we could safely apply, just to have it out of the way…

… and discovered that we can apply this week. That’s right — it’s less than 100 days away.

Uh. We may have some errands to run and tasks to complete, say, every single day between now and then.

4 thoughts on “countdown

  1. Jane, I can recommend eloping. JM and I had about a day’s preparation (license, minister, attire) and that was it, full steam ahead. I’ve tried to get Elsa and D to elope to Australia, but alas, it is not to be.

  2. The Fella and I talked about eloping. By which I mean, I talked and The Fella nodded and smiled and gently dissuaded me.
    I also suggested we have the marriage performed at City Hall with just our parents as witnesses, then meet friends for a party nearby. He nodded and smiled and said no.
    It’s important to him to say our vows in front of our family and friends. Though I’m a little shy about the vows (which feel private to me), it’s important to me that we celebrate with the people we love. Turns out we love a lotta people, phew!

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