Last night I had a strange third-person dream wherein a woman was waiting for two friends on a completely darkened street. A car with no headlights pulled up and two men got out. When I realized they were going to grab her, my consciousness shifted and I became the woman, yelling, “help, help, help” to alert the friends. Most surprising to me was that I actually said the words, waking myself and JM who put his arm around me. Usually I only manage some sort of moan or cry if I wake from a nightmare, yet this wasn’t typical because it had all been third person and I only jumped into the picture to save the woman. My vocalization seems to have affected me more than the dream itself.
JM took off very early this morning and I stayed in bed snoozing. At some point I swear I heard him call my name as if from outside and I jumped up, then remembered he was long gone. It creeps me out when that happens.

2 thoughts on “Disoriented

  1. I haven’t had my scary dream in awhile when I wake up screaming loudly. Over again, the same dream, makes one wonder.

  2. I once screamed out so loud the neighbors heard it (summertime, windows open). I had dreamed that a man was in the bedroom leaning over me. That dream still feels real enough to creep me out. I understand that some mechanism in the brain keeps us from physically acting out our dreams, but sometimes it fails to do the job.

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