little things


Elsewhere on the web this week, I’ve been invited into conversations kvetching about inconveniences, pains in the neck, and irritations: lists of overrated popular obsessions; SHOUTING THREADS for cathartic complaints; snarkfests about public figures.

Though I enjoy a good shout or snark as much as anyone (and more than most), all this week I refrained. For some reason, it seemed important, in a small way, to avoid complaints and focus instead on the good things.

Some good things:
– ceiling fans
– ranunculus
– a walk on a cool spring evening, when the flowering trees have dropped some of their petals in flecks all over the sidewalk
– keeping a bottle of cheap sparkling wine in the fridge, in case we need to celebrate
– rosemary pecans
– leftover cake in the fridge
– giving Mom her birthday presents
– flip-flops when it’s hot, and boots when it’s cold and rainy
– looking forward to a rare Saturday evening together

I’ll be back to my usual sneer in no time, I’m sure. For now, I’m looking hard at the little things that make life sweeter.