it’s okay

It’s okay to drink so much coffee that you start to hear the wallpaper.

It’s okay to do a little dance when JM gets the blog up and running again!

It’s okay to cry when you need to, and it’s okay to trust that your loved ones will be there for you when you do.

It’s okay to make out in the car, if you don’t inflict it on an audience.

It’s okay to whisper after two little glasses of wine, “Ooooh. I’m a tiny bit tipsy.” It’s okay if you do this on every occasion when you have more than one drink.

I learned late in life: it’s okay to be in one of those couples, the lovey-dovey hand-holding couples who make everyone around them want to barf.

It’s okay to buy a big fancy wedding planner for 99¢ at Goodwill, and it’s okay go through that planner with a black marker, crossing out flowers for reception and seating chart and inserting budget for fake moustaches and game room layout.

It’s okay to spend an entire evening online looking at bento box blogs.

It’s okay to think the internerds who live in your computer feel like real friends a lot of the time.

4 thoughts on “it’s okay

  1. It’s okay to post something kinda goofy (cross-posted from another forum, even), and it’s okay to be relieved when someone else likes it, too.

  2. Awwwww… you guys are making me feel better, at a time when I was feeling quite defensive and silly. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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