minor mysteries

Some questions floating around my head:

– What’s that large slanted metal framework sitting on our (shared) porch, and where did it come from? It’s been there a year or so now. I assumed it was some refuse of our neighbors that they hauled down to the porch, then gave up. Do our neighbors think it’s ours?

– That summer I was 18, who left the paper bag of Mallomars, a half-package of Oreos, and a potted chrysanthemum on the welcome mat for us to find at dawn?

– Why do different stylists occasionally cut that same divot of hair out of my otherwise level bob, even after all traces of it have grown out and been eradicated by divotless haircuts?

– What’s the popping sound that comes from inside my head? I can explain the popping sound from my ankle, my shoulder, my upper back, my lower back, my hip, my neck, my behind*, my wrist, and even my ear. But not from inside my head.

– Is there a word with a meaning parallel to “avuncular,” but referring to aunts?

*That’s pronounced “BE-hind.”**
**It is kinda pronounced, now that you mention it.***
***Ahahahahaha, I crack myself up.

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