A favorite pastime both at SuperCool Local Video Store (the Fella’s workplace) and here at home is a freeform multi-player game called Premise!. To play, you choose:

– an actor worthy of a tepid mass-market vehicle: Samuel L. Jackson, Jack Nicholson, and Sandra Bullock all come to mind. Of course, the perennial favorite “actor” for a game of Premise! is the plucky little Brussels-born kickmeister, Jean-Claude Van Damme.
– a premise! This usually employs one or more of the great movie-trailer conventions intoned with gravelly-voiced intent: “Morgan Freeman is a man pushed too far in…” or “Meg Ryan is a hardworking teacher with an edge in…”

The game: pitch titles for the film! Here, a familiarity with genre titles comes in handy, as does a shameless ability to pun.

Example? Why, sure! Here’s an entry from Videoport Jones: “Jean-Claude Van Damme is a baker pushed too far in…” (I proudly contributed Eclair and Present Danger, Choux to Kill, Bloodtorte, and a few others.

Here are my recent titles from a round of Premise!:

Jean-Claude Van Damme is a romantic comedy lead pushed too far in…
Must Like Cyborgs
While You Were Streetfighting
Heart Target
The Forty Year Old Belgian
The Timecop Around the Corner
Bringing Up Belgy
The Philabelgia Story
Prelude to a Kick
Sleeperhold in Seattle
Knocked Out
P.S. – I Kick You


update: Incidentally, I know you’re all frantic to submit your own Premise! titles in the comments. Sorry, y’all: comments are still broken. I’ve re-opened them just so Elli can check out the glitch and see what’s going on. Don’t work yourself into a sweat trying to submit your comment, though.

You can always email it to me! Look in the upper right columns and see my email? Yippie!

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