home sweet home

After 8 years with movabletype, we’re calling it quits, throwing in the towel, bidding them adieu. Hello wordpress, now everything that goes wrong will be your fault. Poor new patsy. At least comments seem to work over here, if I could just figure out this css with all the new tags…

JM just walked up behind me and said it’s kind of sad, but he’s so relieved! The many MT installs and problems fell to him and he rescued us on all occasions, however the latest comment breakage was the final straw. I’ll be slowly updating the design here when I can and fixing the many broken links as well. It’s like a fresh start, but with lots of baggage.

So not only have JM and I moved to Perth, but now Elsa and I have a new virtual home as well. Hope to see you, or you see us soon.

5 thoughts on “home sweet home

  1. I’m sorry, but we don’t drink Cabernet here! That would have been fine while we were still with MovableType, but now that we are with WordPress, it’ll have to be Shiraz or Pinot Noir! Santé!

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