kid, candy store

Yesterday, I did a long-overdue errand at the candy shop, then walked home, stopping several places along the way in an attempt to catch up with my bridal to-do list. In each shop, the clerks eyeballed my big handled shopping bag, which made a quiet but somehow large clicking sound every time I shifted it.

And in each shop, when the salespeople glanced sideways at my bag, I smiled and asked, “You wanna to see what five pounds of gumballs looks like?”

They all did.

2 thoughts on “kid, candy store

  1. They are already all weddinged up, or at least as weddinged up as gumballs get. That’s the beauty of gumballs instead of flowers: I bought ’em weeks in advance and stored them in their jars.

    (Also, my camera battery was flat. Wah.)

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