happiness in small things

A few moments of unadulterated joy this week:
– the fluttering lashes of my littlest nephew, and the sharp smack as his brother high-fives me but good.
– baking bread on a rainy day.
– Sitting in Gramma Suzin’s kitchen with Gaoo and Airdna, eating leftover pierogi and laughing and laughing and laughing.
– hot espresso with good crema, served in Granny’s demitasse.
– a strong, smart, dazzling girl who sends out jokes (really funny ones, too!) from the heart of her grief — a semaphore that signals I’ll be okay!
– a celadon-glazed ceramic strainer (a wedding gift from Elli & JM) filled with plump, cheerful cherries (a gift from me to me).
– drunk on prosecco and polenta fries, looking over the table at The Fella and realizing that my face hurts from smiling.
– an old friend reminding me of a night long submerged in my memory, when we sat by the coast and watched, by turns chattering and hushed, as the moon rose shrouded in red.
– a videotape featuring 30 minutes of non-stop frollicking kittens. For real.
– the fluttery wings of butterflies in my stomach reminding me that I’m head-over-heels, first-crush-blushingly, absolutely mad for my (oh my gourd) husband.

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