iPod Touch: the shortcomings

On a drive with Gaoo and Airdna, a conversation:

E: [indicating A’s iPod Touch] Hey, what all can you do on that thing?
A: …
E: Okay, what can’t you do on it?
A: Well, you can type, but you can’t really write — like, you couldn’t write a paper on it.
E: Uh-huh.
A: And it can’t, um. [thinks a moment, realizes it does pretty much everything else] It won’t bake things.
E: Man, what a rip.
G: [preoccupied with driving a large, unfamiliar, and stall-prone truck] What?
A; Like, brownies or…
E: … cookies or a torte. Really, there’s not an app for that?
A; [shaking head desolately] Not yet.

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