happiness in small things

Small things making me happy today:
– blackberries from my sister’s yard.
– a tissue-weight cardigan in Grover blue, perfect for this cool summer afternoon, and refashioned from a little-worn long-sleeved tee.
– an iced Americano.
– at long last, WiFi.
– new shelves I put up in our space-wasting bookcases.
– a canvas floor cushion I whipped together from scraps, and the palmful of dried lavender I tossed inside before I sewed up the last seam.
– A sliver of chocolate mousse cake, which The Fella picked up for my fortieth birthday last weekend.
– the new sewing box I cobbled together from a shoebox and some pretty paper, so all most of my thread, needles, and notions stay in the same place.
– farmstand tomatoes.
– eight rolls of duct tape.
– sorting beads.

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