– The whole apartment is scented with the homey, enticing scent of anadama bread. I ran out to the corner store and came home five minutes later to discover you could even smell it on the porch. Gorgeous.

– I sure like this new soap. It claims to be milk-scented, but has no discernible smell to me.

– I pulled the foil lid off the 64-ounce tub of yogurt, and a startling but distantly familiar aroma pounced on me. Instead of the usual plain yogurt, I accidentally picked up banana yogurt, and the smell conjured up childhood afternoons sitting on brick paving, clutching banana popsicles and playing with chalk.

– Freshly washed blueberries smell odd. Dirty, but in a clean way.

– I opened the case for the rented DVD of Barton Fink and a wave of goddamned hippie patchouli came wafting horribly up to my face. Dude, if you wear so much patchouli that it stinks up the rental discs? You are officially wearing too much patchouli.

– I never think tomatoes have a smell. Oh, the plants do — they have a sharp, complex, and pleasant acridity. But I never notice any smell on the tomatoes themselves… until I slice into a fresh farmstand tomato, bursting with goodness, and it spills out its bright, eager scent.

– Seriously, that bread smell is ridiculous.

6 thoughts on “fragrance

  1. I can’t smell anything at the moment due to the-perfect-nasal-storm of a bad cold combined with too much cheese indulgence. Snot city! Nice to be able to enjoy some vicarious aromatic gratification!

  2. Remember? some soap w/ milk or buttermilk in it was what made N.S. finally figure out that N.D. is lactose intolerant, when he started breaking out after she used that soap on him.
    Banana yogurt? Blurg.

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