hot, happy

The weather has been heavy and hot, the sky presses down on us, and it’s important to find ways to enjoy or escape it. How I stay happy in the heat:

– homemade limeade, skimpy tank top, and dancing around to Harry Belafonte songs.

– fresh crisp sheets at the end of a long hot day.

– an evening at the movies, giggling as Ponyu runs across the waves.

– our dim little apartment, which stays somewhat cool even on a sweltering day.

– the little black sundress I bought at a salvage sale last year, and which I wear at least once a week in hot weather. That was six bucks well spent.

– noticing that this batch of homemade focaccia tastes, feels, and smells so amazingly much better than even the nicest store-bought bread. Well worth turning on the oven.

– tapenade.

– surprising The Fella, home from a late night at work, with a cold midnight supper.

– drawing a cool half-bath, gingerly climbing in, and then turning the faucet all the way over to COLD.

– Watching snowy-cold movies: Fargo, Cold Fever, The Shining.

1 thought on “hot, happy

  1. wow. that all sounds lovely. you even write languidly! here we’re in early spring, so its nice sunny days but tempered by antarctic winds straight from the….. hmmm, … antarctic. ;-(

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