Rotten Tomatoes has published (a bit prematurely) its list of the 100 worst films of the decade. Note: RT separates the list into several pages, with each page featuring a handful of films along with promotional posters and thumbnail reviews to jog your memory. Many of these movies are so utterly forgettable that even that won’t help.

Others, you can never forget.

Though I enthusiastically pursue terrrrrrrrible films for an evening’s entertainment, apparently even I have standards: of the 100 titles, I’ve seen only two of these. Two!

Two was enough, because one was Bloodrayne.

Sigh. As I said: some of these films, you will never forget.

No matter how you try.

The second was “Bless the Child,” which admittedly (and expectedly) was numbingly dull and no good at all, and maybe my happily foggy memory remembers it as better than not as bad as it really was. Could it really be as insultingly awful, as risibly illogical and infuriatingly stupid as, for example, The Invasion? We watched that, again at my insistence, and I spent most of the evening in a spittle-flecked rage.

…  you know, I’m thinking that maybe this hobby of collecting dreadful movies has a downside.

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