A note for those reluctant to “redefine traditional marriage” — we do it all the time. Here’s a timeline for some changes to remove civil and personal inequities in the marriage law.

An actual “traditional marriage” would deny legal personhood to the wife, allow spousal rape, and deny the right to interracial marriage, among other tragedies. We as a society saw the injustice in these laws, and changed them accordingly. It’s time to do it again.

A tradition of institutional oppression is nothing to defend.

2 thoughts on “tradition

  1. It infuriates me when my political advocates allow their adversaries to grab such effective rhetorical phrases without a challenge. Why let the bigots claim the use of the phrase “traditional marriage,” without anyone pressing them to defend their claim or even explain how the phrase has some unintended connotations?

    The same thing has happened in the past few Presidential elections: the right staked out a claim to “family values,” and we let them, as if liberals and leftists don’t have any family values.

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