search strings, March 2010

A surprising number of our visitors arrive here by searching for food safety guidelines. Our search log cuts off longer search strings in midword, leading to some mysterious truncations that give the selected list an eerie, poetic air.

The searchers are misled to Macbebekin by the varied and revolting Can I eat this? archives, but many of them do click through to the related Ask Metafilter questions, so perhaps they’re getting answers to their questions after all. And their questions usually boil down to the same thing: can I eat this?

is it ok to reheat shellfish
are moldy dried beans safe to eat?
‘botulism semi dried tomatoes olive oil’
pork smells like rotten eggs
fizzy tomato sauce botulism?
i left sweet tea out overnight then dran
is it safe to eat ham if it’s been unref
my stuffed shells were left out overnigh
salmon left out overnight safe eat
how long can beef stay in a 60 degree ho
can you get sick from eating shrimp that
sick from eating fermented applesauce
unrefrigerated curry paste go bad
pork smell overnight in fridge
what is black residue bottom of expired
can i use a can of coconut milk that exp
i bouhgt a frozen dinner but only had a
can you eat boiled shrimp six days old
will i get sick if i eat 5 day old scall
i left a duck on the counter all night c
how long is spaghetti sauce safe to eat
can i eat pancetta raw
does chicken broth smell like eggs
is my cheese and ham sandwich still ok t
tuna can little bulge on top of can is i
how long can you eat a sandwich that had
if i left my raw shrimp out all night wi
how long do condiment packets last
how long before unrefrigerated pork must
medjool dates powdery white spoiled
fizzy tomato sauce botulism?
is it ever safe to eat unrefrigerated le
how long before unrefrigerated turkey sa
how long ccan egg beaters be left out of
is crabmeat and cream cheese left at roo
left giblet bag in chicken 2
my stuffed shells were left out overnigh
can i safely cook and eat smelly pork?
if you put frozen shrimp cocktail in the
clams left out on counter. still safe to

And the volta:

is it okay to eat a sandwich that has be
safe to eat pasta dough that turned gree

14 thoughts on “search strings, March 2010

  1. “how long can beef stay in a 60 degree ho”

    My reaction to that particular line proves definitively that I am the worst person in the world, and “fizzy tomato sauce botulism?” is the name of my band.

  2. The tuna can in particular cracked me up. I almost changed the order of the list so it would be first, or last, or otherwise notable. I’m glad it stands out even without editorial manipulation.

  3. And I find my reaction to these questions is about evenly split between, “Well, people ate for thousands upon thousands of years without refrigeration, so meh,” and “OH SWEET MERCY YOU FOOL DO YOU WANT TO DIE?” I have surprisingly little middle way.

  4. Oh, that’s my error: in all the other examples, I cut out the number of searchers who found us using that string, e.g., “how long can beef stay in a 60 degree ho 2.”

    Yup. Two searches for that. (Or, more likely, one person who clicked it twice. But still.)

  5. Also, I assume that if I leave a duck on the counter overnight, it probably won’t be there in the morning. They like to wander about a bit, especially if they are being crowded by the clams also left out on the counter.

    • I always wonder why they specify “on the counter.” “Left out overnight” is enough, right? The counter doesn’t have some special food-safety magic, does it?

  6. “Left on counter” means “I was doing something specific with it -thawing, cooling, etc.- but then I spaced it and went to bed.” Instead of randomly, say, leaving it in the trunk of the car or in a backpack. Or on the driveway. What I hate is when I take something out of the freezer just to reach something else, and then find the first thing on top of the fridge days later all squelchy.

    • And in conversation, that makes sense, as a disclaimer: I didn’t leave it out on purpose. But when searching for food safety guidelines, it’s just empty words.

      My point is that a good search string should be designed to find information, not to make the searcher feel less like a dummy.

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