signs of spring

Lately I’m seeing undeniable signs of spring. Oh, I’m not talking about daffodils, Easter bonnets, or robins trilling on a budding branch, though those are heartening, too. Here are a few reliable signs that spring has sprung:

Various Peeps atrocities.

Passover Coca Cola with the yellow cap. [Previously on macbebekin, though the images are stripped.]

– And, courtesy of Jagosaurus, a harbinger of spring in our nation’s capital: the appearance of the National Cherry Festival mascot… Paddles The Beaver. No, really: Paddles The Beaver.

5 thoughts on “signs of spring

  1. I wish you could have been present when I told Dennis about Paddles The Beaver last night. He maintained a dignified air of restrained amusement, but I kept bursting into giggles, even hours after you introduced me to The National Beaver.

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