Still here

So I had surgery for my parathyroids. Three are gone for good and the one remaining is slowly getting up to speed remembering it’s function. While everything is normalising, I need weekly blood tests to measure calcium levels and take a supplement from which they will gradually wean me. The problem is that I’ve got tingles that are driving me batty and the doctors just shrug because my numbers look good. I basically feel electrically charged, vibrational, and then my arm or leg will suddenly be overcome with that sensation like it’s about to fall asleep, intensely so. It’s not painful, it’s just, well, disrupting. And the last two days it’s been particularly active.

This afternoon I started going a bit stir crazy. I needed to literally make some sweeping gestures, larger than my Wacom tablet would afford. I needed to move and I needed to MAKE SOMETHING. There was no paper in the house large enough to do this on, so I took A3 sheets and taped them together for my palette. I discovered I have no charcoal, only a piece of white chalk, but then found a tube of black paint and some brushes. It didn’t have to be pretty, it just had to be the act of putting brush to paper and moving my arm. It didn’t help in the physical sense, but it still felt really good.

3 thoughts on “Still here

  1. I’ll email about the recuperation stuff — a whole lotta questions that you can answer or ignore as you like. Also, a whole lotta YAY! for good numbers.

    It’s too bad you can’t teleport here where I have the leftovers from my studio classes: my big watercolor pad and my bigger newsprint pad (and my drawing ability that falls juuuuuust this side of being talent). It would be a treat to see someone make good use of the materials once in a while.

    Love you!

  2. Update: Not crazy! My calcium levels were too low, hence the tingling. We’ve upped my dosage again and I’m already feeling not as vibratory.

    Also commencing work on that teleporter project.

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