A little color

I bought this string of lights at Pier 1 last week to perk up the kitchen. We can only remodel so much at once, so this adds some color to the unfinished ambiance. I’m now thinking of painting all the cabinet doors and drawers in these bright colors.

Too crazy?

5 thoughts on “A little color

  1. Oh, and: I think painting the cabinets bright colors would be great. What a fun way to brighten up the room!

    If you think it might be overwhelming, you could start with just the upper cabinets, or just the lower cabinets, or (to wed the upper and lower) just the upper cabinets and the lower drawer fronts, and then live with it for a bit before you decide to do the rest.

  2. There aren’t any more photos at the moment–everything is a work in progress. I’m still mulling over the cabinet colors because I keep hearing the voices that warn of re-sale value.

  3. As with every project of mine in this house, it’s moved to the back burner. Perhaps I should say it’s on slow simmer on the back burner. But I like it.

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