Every so often, I post a round up of Can I eat this? questions from Ask Metafilter, or of “Can I eat this?” search strings that lead readers to macbebekin.

Usually, I just report the AskMe questions and allow people to find their own answers. But a lot of people — and I mean a lot of people; most of the following search strings have occurred multiple times — end up here by searching variations on the same question: “I left my seafood out overnight. Is it still safe to eat?”

NO! No, it is NOT safe to eat. Do NOT eat it. Sheesh.

fried fish left out 24 hours unrefrigderated
should you eat salmon patties if they were left out of the refrigerator overnight?
i left a jar of herring out over night, at least 10 hours. is it safe to eat?
left raw shrimp out overnight
clams left out overnight
if i left my raw shrimp out all night will it still be ok to eat?
salmon left out overnight
how long can clams be left out
i left my fish out overnight. is it stll ok eat?
shrimp raw unrefrigerated
is shrimp safe to eat after sitting out all night
can i eat shellfish left out if i cook it again
how long can shrimp set out unrefridgerated
fried clams left out 24 hours are they ok to eat
shrimp out for 24 hours….can i still eat them???
i left cooked fish out overnight
salmon left out overnight safe eat
can you leave shrimp and crabmeat recipe on counter over night and still eat it
raw frozen shrimp left on counter overnight
is it safe to eat unrefrigerated fish sandwich
unrefigerated fish eating re fridgerate
is it safe to eat lump crab soup left out overnight
left raw shrimp out all day

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