paying down my sleep deficit

Things I slept through this morning, according to The Fella:
– yardwork and a leafblower just under our bedroom window
– someone yelling at those workers to SHUT UP
– children yelling and playing
– a loud and long alarm in the building next door

Things I slept through in my dream:
– my dream-self peeing (which normally snaps me right out of a dream)
– Zooey Deschanel dropping off a yardful of rambunctious children at my quiet and sedate daycare
– someone yelling at Zooey Deschanel’s noisy brats to SHUT UP
– a loud and long alarm in the building where my dream took place
– being Lily Tomlin

2 thoughts on “paying down my sleep deficit

  1. Noisy, because rival daycare owner Zooey Deschanel had just dropped off a passel of howling toddlers in the yard of my (Lily Tomlin’s) daycare center while I (Lily Tomlin) hollered at her out of a gable window to gather them up and haul ass. It’s amazing I slept through it. Lily Tomlin (I) yells LOUD.

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