Some people for whom I am grateful this weekend:

– my Metafilter teammates at Health Month. Having the support and accountability of a team should help me stick to my modest goals: eat 6-10 servings of vegetables, 5+ days a week; walk, physical therapy, or comparable exercise 5+ days a week; perform a conscious, intentional act of self-care 7 days a week. (That last one is the crusher, it turns out.)

– The Fella. Last night, just as I was thinking “Heeeeeey, did I ever have dinner?,” The Fella showed up from work with some grocery bags, including a ready-to-eat chicken Caesar salad for me. He doesn’t eat chicken or salad, but intuitively knew that both might hit the spot for me on a hot night.

– The Fella again. His response to my chirpy “thank you, that will be my sixth serving of vegetables today!” was a blasé “You’re welcome, I help you reach your goals.” That offhand reiteration of support — especially the thoughtful, unfailing love that it signals — is new to me and always blindsides me with love and gratitude.

– Mom. When I called to ask if we could swing by to pick up some borrowed coolers for my birthday party, my mother offered — and insisted upon — dropping them off. This saved us (well, really, saved The Fella) about an hour round-trip.

– Mom again. When she dropped off the coolers, they were already washed and ready to use. That saved me having to balance, bend, and scrub on a day when my back is throbbing.

– the Wild Wheel that I spun during this morning’s Health Month check-in. Back spasms kept me from exercising Friday, but the whimsical wheel of fortune gave me half-credit anyhow. Phew!

edited to add:

– Oh, right: ME. I’ve been diligent in my HM goals, appreciative of the kindness of others, and I’ve been doing really well at the challenging goal of conscious, attentive self-care and affection. Go, me!


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