I woke up at 5 this morning without an alarm which is a grand feat for me owing to the fact that I usually get up around 8 when JM is away and I need a chorus of beeps in order to do so. Getting in bed by 8 last night though might have had something to do with it.

I didn’t immediately get up at 5. Being slow to wake, I like to linger in the warm sheets especially during winter which we are in the throes of here down under. Sometimes I’ll start meditating as I have on and off for the past twelve years. This morning though, a particular thought introduced itself and struck a chord: I wouldn’t be meditating if I didn’t want to. Hmm, the act of meditation is also a product of desire. Want, want, want. I don’t know where I’m going with this except that maybe I really woke up so early this morning because I’m hoping my copy of Apple’s Snow Leopard will be delivered today.


How Not to Cook

I feel the need to start this with a disclaimer that I am in no way a good cook. If you want advice on anything edible, listen to Elsa. Pay no attention to the instructions from the aproned chick who had to look up the word crudités last year. That said, I know how NOT to cook which brings me to tonight’s dinner currently in the oven: four boneless chicken breasts basted in a light vinaigrette with basil and thyme, okay, and a dash of chilli and cumin because I’m Texan and can’t help myself. It’ll be my usual bland fare (not all four pieces, mind you, but at least one, while the others will get recycled for lunches or put in a soup.) I heartily approve of this method, but what I don’t condone is something a college roommate introduced me to, or rather tried to poison me with.

Some backstory: my diet consisted mainly of Eggo waffles, apple sauce, ramen noodle soup, free tacos from Taco Bell thanks to the offer on the back of theater ticket stubs*, and any booze or chocolate I could get my hands on. I did not cook, I merely boiled water or reheated. My roommate for all intents and purposes was the same.

We were poor, innocent students on a budget and decided to splurge on some meat. Mmm, meat. We bought four smallish chicken breasts, similar to this evening’s meal which is what brought on this recollection. My roommate, I’ll call her Sparky for no reason at all, took those dear fillets and placed them in a baking dish and then proceeded to drown them in Kraft dressing, emptying the entire bottle’s contents. I was curious and horrified at the same time, this swift burial in the Seven Seas. Ugh, the wreck that was pulled from the oven when it was over! I gagged on the first bite, which, get this, tasted like a solid block of Italian dressing from a bottle; meanwhile Sparky happily forked it in. Knowing what I had paid, that this was a “special” meal, I choked it down vowing to never eat another thing she cooked ever again. Once we graduated and got jobs, boy, was she great at ordering pizza.

*I was a drama major and we would scrounge around the aisles after a show looking for discarded stubs. Cheap date!

ahhh, needed that

After three spring-like days all in a row my spirits are substantially lifted. And to boot, I found a new sweater and top which I plan to wear for my 40th birthday coming up in three weeks. I’ve got the what-to-wear, now to figure out the what and where. I don’t think we’ll be able to top the 30th when JM took me to the Matterhorn, but I’m sure something will occur to me.

Neighborhood park

I’m also getting in some great walks around my neighborhood and enjoying all the old houses and tall trees. Perth, I think I love you. There are so many little parks, two within a stone’s throw from my house. I could get used to this if only we had central heating during winter…

Happy Swiss Day! To celebrate I made nachos because, hey, melted cheese, and I bought some Lindt chocolates. Mmm. Isch fein gsii. I really should have bought bread and fleischkäse as well, but I’m too tired after all this walking to hoof it to the speciality store to get it. En guete y’all.

clean sweep

The whole house feels warmer thanks to our new Swiss chimney sweep who came by this evening. After he cleaned out the chimney and started a roaring blaze, we enjoyed an evening of conversation that bounced back and forth between English and Swiss-German. In one fell swoop we’ve found an excellent new acquaintance and brought warmth and luck into our new home. I couldn’t be happier.

home sweet home

After 8 years with movabletype, we’re calling it quits, throwing in the towel, bidding them adieu. Hello wordpress, now everything that goes wrong will be your fault. Poor new patsy. At least comments seem to work over here, if I could just figure out this css with all the new tags…

JM just walked up behind me and said it’s kind of sad, but he’s so relieved! The many MT installs and problems fell to him and he rescued us on all occasions, however the latest comment breakage was the final straw. I’ll be slowly updating the design here when I can and fixing the many broken links as well. It’s like a fresh start, but with lots of baggage.

So not only have JM and I moved to Perth, but now Elsa and I have a new virtual home as well. Hope to see you, or you see us soon.


Last night I had a strange third-person dream wherein a woman was waiting for two friends on a completely darkened street. A car with no headlights pulled up and two men got out. When I realized they were going to grab her, my consciousness shifted and I became the woman, yelling, “help, help, help” to alert the friends. Most surprising to me was that I actually said the words, waking myself and JM who put his arm around me. Usually I only manage some sort of moan or cry if I wake from a nightmare, yet this wasn’t typical because it had all been third person and I only jumped into the picture to save the woman. My vocalization seems to have affected me more than the dream itself.
JM took off very early this morning and I stayed in bed snoozing. At some point I swear I heard him call my name as if from outside and I jumped up, then remembered he was long gone. It creeps me out when that happens.